Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Laugh out Loud

Isn't it funny what makes us laugh out loud. I can pretty much get a chuckle out of most things, but the following three happened in the last week, and all received a laugh out loud...

1 - One of my good friends had e-mailed me to see how I was. I asked her how her day had been and she had said something along the lines of:
'Pretty average. I had to do some training earlier on for work, then I had lunch, then I had my snatch waxed and then I went back to work.'
Now, while I admit this was a bit much to hear, after my inital shock, I had to laugh out loud. I mean, really - who says that - and in an e-mail too! Right to the point. No holding back.

2 - I was having a couple of mates from work come over for dinner, last night. I had about 40 minutes until I expected them to arrive, so I go to the shops after work, buy food and arrive home. I am in such a rush to get out of the car and open the boot, that I slam the car door...with my keys still in the ignition!! Fuckwit. So in 35 degree heat - I go to my neighbours house and see if he can help brake in. At the time I was annoyed, but today I am laughing about it.

3 - Last but probably the funniest! I was at work, hiring some DVD's and talking to my mate that works there. He was in the middle of serving a customer, when he turned and leaned towards me and said:
'I have a really itchy left testicle.'



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am the first commenter of a post that includes the words snatch and testicle.
Either I am very depraved, or need a life, or looking for fellow bloggers from Adelaide.

July 23, 2005 at 2:39 AM  

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