Friday, December 03, 2004

Not like in the movies

Today I sought the help of a fellow co-worker.
I needed someone that I trusted.
Someone I respect.
Someone that is highly show me how to play pool.

Why did this person have to be all those things?
Well - it's very simple - I want to be better than my other half. Childish and silly - but hey - I never claimed to be other wise.
Though for me to be better than him - I'd actually have to be as GOOD as him to start with.
I'm not.
I have never played before in my life.

Now - there was nothing glamorous about the lesson - not like in the movies where we are laughing and sipping beer at the end of it.
No, no - this guy was a hard worker. It was liked being coached for an Olympic sport - there was the yelling, the blood, sweat and tears. It was intense.

I have come to the conclusion that woman cannot play pool - well - at least not this one. One word for you:

God clearly wanted to dis-advantage the alleged 'weaker' sex. This was his revenge. Give them pockets of fat, right on their chest so that they fuck up their aim.

Thanks for that.


Blogger Tom Carter said...

Nice blog! This post reminded me of an old line about how God should have put womens' breasts on their backs instead of on their chests because it would make slow dancing so much more interesting for men. Now there's another reason!

December 3, 2004 at 3:11 AM  
Blogger Maine said...

Yes, but while the boobs keep you from aiming straight, if properly framed and displayed, they keep us men from aiming straight too. So its kinda even.

December 3, 2004 at 7:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well,Well,Well, I haven't had the pleasure of reading your thoughts for a while but you never now who you may stuble upon. I think my old friend "chicken Kiev" would be ever so excited when I let him know what I have found.......

December 20, 2004 at 4:47 AM  

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