Friday, December 10, 2004

A health seven inches?

I got a strange text message the other day.
From a total strange.
Some guy who claimed he had seen me working and had asked a fellow co-worker for my number. My first question is, who does that? Who thinks that they can text a total stranger and expect them to be ecstatic about it?

At first I thought it was an amusing prank - so I went a long with it?
'Baby - how big is IT - i'm always looking to upgrade...'
A healthy seven inches?
I've swallowed whole bananas bigger than that!

So - in the end I found out that it was someone that works with my ex.
And my current boyfriend...and was he embarrassed when he found that.

Poor ****!!
The moral to the story?
Stick to meeting people the traditional way! It saves the red face - and stops you from telling people like me how big (or not so big) your penis is.

Speaking of funny stuff, I was driving to the doctors the other day and had these guys yelling out the of their van at me...
'Hey you! Hey you!'
'You want some speakers?'
'You want some speakers?'
'I have speakers.'
'No - not for your car - for your house. We have them here and they have been paid for - do you want them?'
'No - I have speakers.'
'These are better.'
'No - I have reeeallly good speakers.'
'These are better.' (Just for the record - I'm still paying off my speakers - so I doubt that.)
'No - it's ok...but thanks anyway.'
'That's ok - we just thought you looked cool.'

Now - first of all - I never realized that I looked that dumb! Dumb enough to except 'gifts' from men driving next to me...whom I don't know.
Second of all - if I had been dumb enough to pull over - what do you think the odds of me being pushed into the back of the van and gang raped are? I say - VERY high! Very high.
But thanks anyway, boys.


Blogger myerson said...

You didn't take the speakers?

December 10, 2004 at 5:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's a common scam in the States, but they usually hang out in the parking lots of electronics stores. The speaks they're selling are total garbage. These asshats likely weren't serial killers, but you could've pulled a gun on these 'tards and robbed 'em. They're stupid as hell. Google speaker scams, they're out there, and these guys are freakin morons.

January 1, 2005 at 6:07 PM  

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